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Blackfoot river Bowmen History

Blackfoot River Bowmen was established in 1976, and has been a large part of the archery community in the Southeast Idaho area.  Nestled in the river bottoms along the winding snake river, It not only offers members access to an indoor facility, but it is a community of like minded individuals who all share a passion for Archery. Bowhunters and Target Archers alike can come together to shoot and make a place for our sport to continue to grow.


meet our board

Travis Butler


Travis has been a member of BRB over 25 years and served on the BRB board in numerous positions for close to 20 years. He is currently serving his third term as president of the club. His main interest in archery is bow hunting, helping others to be successful bow hunters, archers, and to support the youth in the future of archery. He is a lifelong Idaho Native committed to the future of archery and hunting in Idaho.

Emily Butler


Emily is currently serving as the secretary for BRB.
She was introduced to archery three years ago and is learning more every day on becoming a successful bow hunter and archer. This is her first position on the BRB board. She is married to Travis Butler and has learned to become a successful bow hunter in a short period of time. She was born and raised in Alaska, where she learned to love hunting, fishing and the outdoors. She moved to the lower 48 to attend college.

Anna Nelson


Anna is a native Blackfootian who recently retired from the financial world. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 42 years. She likes to bake, go camping, make stained glass items, and of course shoot her bow. She isn’t a hunter of furry animals but does enjoy killing balloons. They are less messy but are not as tasty & are pretty chewy. 

Publicity and Social Media

Dallin is an Idaho native and enjoys competitive archery but his true passion is bowhunting. He is an avid outdoorsman and can usually be found somewhere in the backcountry of Idaho.

Past President

My wife comments as to why I always seem to kill on the last day of my hunt. After thinking about it, it always is the last day. Have not filled a Sasquatch tag in 23 years of hunting in Idaho but have come close to smelling like one almost every year! A properly adjusted Fall Restraint Device used in a treestand will allow for hours of uninterrupted sleep and a great view of the backside of a deer or an elk.

Outdoor Range Director

Joe started shooting archery when, in 1968 his parents invested their tax refund and purchased him his first recurve bow, a 45 # Damon Howatt. Except for a couple of years where he strayed to the dark side, Joe has shot traditional equipment all his life. He loves the beauty and elegance of the wooden recurve and it has truly become his drug of choice. Joe joined the Blackfoot River Bowmen in 1978 just after the club moved to the present location near the Snake River and has been a member since.


Randy Richards, joined the Blackfoot River Bowmen in 1997. First job was building the dike around the clubhouse. Has worked with the board and on the board on various projects.Over the years has introduced youth to archery by hosting scouts, church groups and and others.


Tom & Chris are new to our state moving here from Utah in 2022. Together, they boast 98 years of competitive archery. Chris was a Level II archery coach and Collegiate Judge. She also served on the Board of Brigham Bowmen and as their Youth Coach. Tom was the Archery Club president at Hill AFB in Utah and served nearly every role in the Utah Bowmen's Association. They are both retired and now devote their enthusiasm and energies to our club. Their aim is to bring true competitive archery back to Southeastern Idaho.

Big Game Awards Chairman

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