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Big Game Awards


February 2025

winners will be awarded at our annual Banquet

Big Game awards

Did you harvest a big game animal in Idaho this year with your bow? If so, you are eligible for Big Game Awards. If you feel your trophy would be in the running for Best of Species or Bowhunter of the Year Awards, bring it in on scoring day to be scored by a Pope and Young Official. Every member who enters will receive a small award but the highest score for each species will be given the award for Best of Species. 

Note: Animal does not have to be scored to be eligible for small awards. All members who harvest a big game animal with a bow in Idaho will be recognized at our annual banquet.

2024 AWARD Winners

Stiles Woodin

Bowhunter of the Year
Bull Elk + Whitetail Buck

Stiles had a very successful year. He was fortunate enough to take a Bull Elk, Whitetail Buck and even a coyote with his bow. Taking two big game animals in a year is no easy task. Congrats Stiles!

Jess Laughter

Female Bowhunter of the YEar
Bull Elk + Antelope Buck

Hard work paid off for Jess this year. She was rewarded with a great Bull Elk and a nice Antelope buck! Not to mention getting it all on camera which is a feat in itself. Jess also was able to finish off her trifecta with taking a late season Mule Deer Buck in Utah. Congrats Jess! You earned it!

Hunter Woodin

youth Bowhunter of the Year
Bull Elk + Mule Deer Buck

Not to be outdone by his Brother, Hunter made his opportunities count and was able to take a Bull Elk and Mule Deer Buck. Congrats Hunter!

Tristen Butler

youth Female Bowhunter of the YEar
Cow Elk

Tristen with the help of her dad Travis was able to take her first animal with a bow! This cow didn’t stand a chance. Congragulations Tristen!