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Blackfoot Bowman Archery Range

      Blackfoot, Idaho is home to a sportsman’s paradise. Blackfoot River Bowmen Archery Club has been around since the 1970, and yet not many people know about it. It is North of Blackfoot nestled within the banks of the Snake River. The beginnings of the club found a beautiful area around the Snake River in which to set up targets and practice a pastime that was on the verge of dying out. They wanted to give more to the community and received three challenge grants and built an indoor archery range and teaching facility in 1994-1995. The ground has been leased from Bingham county.

      The entire facility is around 4800 square feet and has a 10 lane 20-yard indoor range. Along with the indoor range there are three outdoor ranges consisting of 20 carboard butts (which are compressed cardboard) and burlap targets. These targets are created from donations from the community. They are also testing out plastic targets that are created from compressed recyclable materials donated from Basic America.  

       “There are so many people who have no idea about this place.” Gene Bates, current president of the club, “we have started improving our presence online to get more people out here.”  They hold outdoor shooting events throughout the year. This last weekend they held a 3D shoot which had over 40 different targets for members and non-members to shoot at. They will also be holding another 3D shoot in April, with raffles and lunch for purchase! 

       “It doesn’t matter the skill level, or the type of bow used, we have options at every posting.” Many people were worried that the weather was going to tank the 3D shoot, but Saturday proved to be the perfect day! 

      “The people who started this club are getting older and we want to pass this range on to them. We run this club by all volunteers. We don’t have all the help we need at all times and could always use the help.” If you want to volunteer or help this group check out their website at or on Facebook and Twitter. 

         If you are interested in taking Bowhunter Education Class, they have sign ups at the Idaho Fish and Game Website or by contacting Edward Andersen at (208)709-4602. They hold education classes throughout the year as well as having other events. “We want family members to come together and shoot. It is an easy place for them to come and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.”
The facility is open almost every day of the year, only closed on days that they are cleaning up, or doing a 3D shoot. Members, who are a part of the club can visit the facility 24 hours a day. Non-members can go for $2. Go check it out and see what this community has to offer. “It is great to see so many families come out and enjoy the area. We don’t want this to go to waste, it is the only place around of this nature, and we want it to last for many more years!” 

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